Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dogs & Cola de Caballo

A hearty tail wagging given to us by the Cola de Caballo guide! A Real 4 Legged Mexican Cutie!

There are always plenty of dogs in Mexico! Our visit to Cola de Caballo today was no different. We arrived up at the Falls between Rain Showers & immediately found ourselves tagged by a very friendly dog. No stranger to tourists she was quite sweet & probably well taken care of as dogs down here go. She gave Jacqueline & Ashley the doggie "look" & acted as our guide up to the falls. She only required some Cheetos & a bag of Chicarones (Pork Rinds) as payment for her services. She actually knew the drill as the girls stepped up to the snack bar to buy her some goodies. Alert ears pricked up & a wagging tail told us she totally knew where the food could be found at the park. This pup was one smart & patient dog! As we left the Cola de Caballo Park she peeled away from us & went to find another diversion for the afternoon!

The recent heavy rains made the trip to the falls worth while! Cola de Caballo, different from one month to the next.

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Lauren said...

How cute!!!!! Your new doggie friend should come state-side with you, she'd like M&J!