Saturday, June 9, 2007

Where we are going...

Less than a year after moving to Torreon we have 6 days till we hit the road & move to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. To be truthful, the house is located outside of Monterrey. I am dreading the moving, newness & solitude once again. After the packing here, unpacking there & figuring things out; at least we can settle in to enjoy the lush, green mountain views! No, not a beach & there's no sand, but I can pretend! {I say that since I love the beach & everyone who hears we live in Mexico somehow thinks it is Cancun or Cozumel!} It's not Texas however it puts us a little closer to home at least. Let's face it; we Texans are quite versatile & can handle anything as long as it's not forever! As I have told my daughters many times "forever is a LONG time!"

Drowning my sorrows among the crowds
Walking, but not knowing where to go
Staring blankly like a void should
I am here, I am back
But I forgot my heart
Few thousand miles away
So I’m never at home
Until you’re here with me

~Woei Hern...Home is where the heart is
...Okay, not as sad as is sounds, just a wonderful poem!


ClaudiaH said...

Hang in there! You'll find new photo opportunities and new friends soon. After getting moved in, can you reward yourself with a trip to Round Rock? Good luck on the move.

Lauren said...

You're only a weekend trip away from me now!

Dee said...

Yeah!!!! Closer to home:)

Deborah said...

Looks beautiful!

Lori said...

Which direction does my room face?