Sunday, June 24, 2007

Glass in Mexico

Touring the glass museum reveals beautiful Mexican glass.

We toured the Museo del Vidrio in downtown Monterrey today. The museum is housed on the grounds of the manufacturing facility of Vitro. Grupo Vitro is one of the largest glass manufacturing entities in the hemisphere. They make pressed, blown & flat glassware as well as beautiful art glass pieces to rival the fine European glass artists. I think most of us have a concept of Mexican glassware as being heavy glass with the blue tint to it. When one is used to the atypical look of glassware sold at the border towns it is nice to see delicate & beautiful pieces which are the opposite of that image. The history of glass displayed at the Museo del Vidrio explains how glass has been manufactured in Mexico since the early part of the 16th century. Altogether interesting for anyone who loves glassware or history.

The museum had nice examples of fine crystal glass as well as unique art pieces such as a unique chandelier, some beautiful Japonese pieces & a solid sculptured Toro figure by artist Enrique Canales which was made of millions of pieces of amethyst glass.

Unique & Curvy Chandelier! Very Latin, very Chihuly & almost growing out of the ceiling with those tendrils reaching out!!! For more information on this museum check out the website:


Lauren said...

Really cool chandelier, it looks like a sea creature or something.

carlacares said...

Looks like a chilhuly creation

Dee said...

Funny you say that. I agree! We also were reminded of Dale Chilhuly's work. There were some large pieces that looked like his Seaform pieces. I love how it is so sculptural & flows so smoothly. There is a huge piece in a hotel here that is really outstanding!!

Lori said...

That chandelier rivals some of the Chilhuly's at Mayo clinic in Rochester. Who would have guessed inland Mexico?

Dee said...

yes, Mexico is full of those little surprises!! one day to the next you don't know what to expect, ha!