Thursday, June 14, 2007

¡Joyería hecha con Jarros!

This is a necklace we made 2 days ago while passing the time at my house as the movers packed up the house in Torreon. My dear friend Carolyn is modeling the one we made for her with green silky cord, glass & wood beads & small Jarros, called Jarritos. While these necklaces are popular in San Antonio Texas during Fiesta all of the supplies are to be found South of the Border! I have even seen beautiful wreaths of Corn husk flowers decorated with little Jarros in San Antonio.

We made trips over the past month finding the supplies for this snappy little collar. On side trip even involved digging through a couple of baskets full of the little Jarritos while sitting on a not so clean floor of a Mercado!

¡Carolyn hermosa con la joyería de Jarrito!


carlacares said...

Love the Jarritos. I need to come shopping for some. Hope the move goes smoothly.

tilegirl said...

I bet your girl friends in Torreon miss you already!
Nice necklace, how heavy is it?
Looking forward to your new adventures in Monterrey!

Dee said...

It is not so heavy. Fun & mucho easy to put together!

Lauren said...

I'm still not sold on wearing dinnerware around my neck, but it's cute!

Dee said...

YOu could think of them as mini shot glasses!!!