Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lunch & Toe Rings!

Making those toes sparkle!!

The Pueblo Santiago holds many things yet to be explored but today between rain storms we managed to visit the well known "7 Mile Market" & grab a bite to eat at Restaurante La Palomas. We all succumbed to hunger & had a meal laden with too many meat & cheese items with a few peppers & frijoles thrown in for good measure. Afterward we visited 7 Mile Market which yes, stretches for about 7 miles give or take a few meters & has almost anything a tourist or native would might want. The girls found interesting little toe rings & a few touristy items. The toe rings they put on once we made it through a rain shower back to the car. Toe rings do add a dazzle & get those toes ready for something! Not sure what~ but they looked cute!


Lauren said...

Cute pictures, Jackie actually looks a lot like my sister in that photo...we might actually be related :)

Dee said...

I should say so!!