Thursday, June 14, 2007

¡Katerina ama hoteles finos! ~Katerina loves fine hotels!

When the moving truck shows up this pint sized cat can hit the road with the finest! Won't mention where but she knows how to travel in style!!! She has a very hip little pet carrier she stows away in & has recently stayed one well rated hotel in Torreon! No one actually knew she was a guest...but this kitty likes fine things & is a very quiet & polite little guest. There is the popular star rating for hotels, maybe there should be a pet rating for hotels!!! This little furball would give her stay 4 stars****

Some cats just know how to travel!!


Lauren said...

She's quite lucky, if someone had found her you'd all have gotten kicked out, she would've been embarrased!

Dee said...

She is quite lucky! We are quick witted gringos in a land where everyone here seems to break the rules on the road & else where! Kicked out~never, I am sure we could have given someone a few pesos & all would have been A~Okay!