Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never can say goodbye!

Till the next time...Mi Amigas & South of the Border Martha Stewart prodigies!!!!

Pollo Chicas & Cat women keep the economy of Torreon afloat with our little outings! If it hasn't been the silver shop, pewter lady or the talavera place we have found ways to keep ourselves occupied. These chicas have been 100% Gold to me! Te falto alot, ya!

I will miss you mucho chicas!

Nos trasladamos a Monterrey muy pronto

On to Monterrey! But I will pass this way again~sooner than later, Chicas!


tilegirl said...

How nice to see YOU with all the FRIENDS you made in Torreon.
"no no no no, never can say goodbye!"

Dee said...

"Everytime I think I've had enough & start heading for the door"~got to love Gloria Gaynor & disco!! Would love to hear Paul belt that one out!!!

Lauren said...

wierd seeing that house all packed up pretty much one year after this one was!

Dee said...

No kidding, not a happy little habit of mine!

Deborah said...

Miss you mucho. Where was the shop that you and Carolyn are in with all the Talavera ??? Did I miss something, did I leave something in Mexico unbought ?????