Friday, June 15, 2007

On the way to Monterrey

When we drove to Monterrey not for the first time in recent months I noticed all sorts of roadside spectacles. Things I think many of us living in Mexico don't notice at all after a while. I didn't capture each image with the camera but I did snap a few photos on the way. I only wish I had photographed the man herding goats on a bicycle! What priceless views down here in an average day. Necessity is the mother of invention in Mexico!

Many stops along the way offer refreshment while a few offer entertainment of the oldest sort in the world...fewer still offer all of the mentioned!

Pray you don't have a blowout or flat tire but if you do there are many Vulkas on the way which repair tires.

The mountain vistas are beautiful on a clear day. On those days you can't imagine a bluer sky or sharper contrast between mountains & Mexican desert.


carlacares said...

Hey Dee,
La Gatita sure does know how to travel in style. Hope you are finding your surroundings as "amable" as she does.

carlacares said...

Be careful what kind of entertainments and refrescos you partake in. As we Gringas say don't drink the water.

Lauren said...

Vulkas sounds frighteningly like vultures --- is that the idea, they are waiting, vulture like to swoop down when you get a flat?

Dee said...

Vulkas always look like terrible places you wouldn't want have to stop at but Dad had a flat fixed at one on the way out of Saltillo. Serves a purpose.