Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Villa de Santiago 1693

¡Vieja ciudad mágica hermosa!

The town of Santiago is actually where our house is located. Much history surrounds this area. The town was named, Villa de Sabinas, Hidalgo in honor of Miguel Hidalgo, the Mexican independence war starter. In 1971 it lost its villa status and is now considered a city. In Mexico people & maps tend to still refer to it as Villa de Santiago though. The little town has also acquired the designation of Pueblo de Magica. This status is something the government designates to few towns but most notably was given to San Miguel de Allende, the famed town of Tequila & Guanajuato. This title & status is given once a town has gained certain historical or tourism aspects. As we live very close John & I will probably become familiar with so much more in Villa de Santiago!

Another great place to explore~

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