Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Five favorite things! (some old & some new)

We made a mad rush home to Texas & back to bring one of the cars back to Monterrey. We had to take care of paperwork for the use of our vehicles in Mexico~alot of red tape in this excessively paper driven society, they surely must file all the documents somewhere & never to be looked at them again...

While home I had a few new discoveries of things that, in the words of Martha Stewart are: "Good Things".

1.) Family is the best balm for the spirit! (nothing new, just a favorite good thing!)

2.) Texas & all the good things that single word captures both in spirit & mind! An eternal favorite. We miss it dearly this 4th of July!

3.) After living in Mexico for a year now I have decided that I should re-read Sandra Cisneros' good book: Caramelo. This is a novel by the author who wrote The House on Mango Street. Caramelo is a wonderful epic story about a family full of rich characters that moves through a century of history from Mexico to Chicago & San Antonio, Texas. Sometimes the best books are the ones we have already read once!

4.) Wonderful Mascara by none other than Maybelline: Volum' Express mascara~Jackie & Ashley (who have eyelashes to kill for)introduced this new product to me, since it is their new favorite. Great stuff!!!

5.) Mango Splitter, good item for splitting that wonderful fruit away from the huge seed pod! This new kitchen gadget gets 2 thumbs up from me:) Thank you John & Lauren!!!


tilegirl said...

Is that almost a smile on John's face??????

Dee said...

Why yes, he is:) He is thinking what a great little gift the Mango Splitter is for Dee!!! ha, ha! Also, being at Rudy's with his girls doesn't hurt either!

Lauren said...

who is that cute girl with the great hair cut? okay, just kidding. seriously though, i mis you guys already!