Friday, July 27, 2007

Monterrey Museum of Modern Art~the Macro!

Great view of Juan Soriano's Paloma in front of the Macro

Today for the John/Dee birthday celebration we toured the Museum of Modern Art (aka: the Macro) where we viewed some wonderful pieces by Picasso, Dali & Rufino Tomayo. There were special exhibitions by more contemporary artists such as Roberto Cortazar. I am very excited by the upcoming exhibition of Frida Kahlo's works which will arrive August 31!!! There was one artist who had an exhibition of art which existed of pieces where she used the mediums of pressed paper, hair & blood & other strange substances!!! It was enough of a turn off that I didn't view the entire exhibit. Not worth my time to view someone exercising their own personal demons. (although much art might be a form of exercising psychological or deeper expressions~just not enough to gross me out! Don't mind moving art, just not the ick factor.) Most of that particular artist's pieces I saw had the appearance of skin & body each his own! The rest of the exhibits were impressive. What I can truly say is that the Culture & Arts are alive & well in Monterrey Mexico.

Cathedral & Casino de Monterrey

The building was downtown in the center of the area around the Macro Plaza. The area is full of great architectural, public features & many other impressive government & art related buildings. The museum is directly across from the Metropolitan Cathedral de Monterrey built from 1600 to 1750 & one block from a personal favorite of mine. The Casino de Monterrey has ties to my family as it was rebuilt at the turn of the century by on of my great grandfathers when he was living & working in Mexico. The Casino still stands the test of time. Proudly it stands in the center of a lively government & arts center in downtown Monterrey known as Macro Plaza!
Awesome day spent with my favorite person!!!! Happy Bday: John:)


ClaudiaH said...

Happy birthday!

Dee said...

Thank you! We both Thank you! Kind of funny that we share a birthday week!

Lauren said...

very cool metal gates in the photo - even better, I'm sure Jackie would love that giant pigeon!