Thursday, July 12, 2007

Traveling to the Desert~dodging the rainstorms!

Somehow I was reminded of the old 70's America song lyrics: I've been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain....
Got to love those lyrics when they have clarity about 30 years later!! We weren't on horse back, but when we were out of the rain in the desert of Coahuila it did truly feel good!

We traveled back to Torreon this week & felt like we were surely in the midst of hurricane season right in the middle of the desert! We first encountered hours of rain & even hail on our way through Saltillo which pushed our trip to Torreon to a 6 hour trip. In Saltillo the waters on Blvd. Venustiano Carranza were rushing like a river as we tried to get gas & a quick lunch. That alone should indicate how crazy the weather was. During our second day in Torreon we experienced storms which dumped such huge amounts of rainfall; the water was washing under the wall our hotel & into the lobby!! Drainage in Mexico is not the strong suit of urban planning, especially in the arid, desert climates! Even Katerina's vet experienced some flooding at his clinic where she was lodging during our trip to town. The crazy & immense rain in a short time caused street flooding, quite a site for dry town in the desert. We practically swam to dinner that evening at Rincon de Befe but by the next day hardly a sign of rain showed other than the muddy areas in front of buildings & on the streets. We actually went about our business the next day as if the storms never happened...Just another day in Mexico!


Nancy said...

I think the caption for your photo could be "Cry me a River"
Look at all that water! como se dice "boat" en espanol?

Dee said...

small boats are Barquitos. a small boat is what we needed to get out of the hotel! Cry me a river, good one!

Lauren said...

now that's torreon in a way i have never seen it before!