Monday, July 30, 2007

Bishop's Palace~top of the hill in Monterrey!

John & I visited Obispado over the weekend. This well known landmark is at the top of a high hill called Chepe Vara Hill, overlooking Monterrey. In 1846, Monterrey like Mexico City and Veracruz, was invaded by U.S. troops and occupied by forces of General Zachary Taylor. A bitter battle of the war occurred at Obispado (Bishop's Palace)when Mexican forces held out for two days after the city surrendered. Later it became the provisional capital of the government of Benito Juarez when he was chased by French.

Palacio del Obispo was completed in 1789, it was originally built as a home for retired prelates. Today it houses a museum with artifacts, clothing & documents key to Monterrey's impressive history. FYI: for anyone wanting to check out this hitorical site, the climb on narrow steps is quite steep. The day we visited it was clear offering wonderful views of Monterrey. This is also a popular spot with newly married couples & we saw several posing for photographers in front of the beautiful stone structure.

Quite the climb up those steep stairs.

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Lauren said...

I want to go here when I come visit, it looks really cool!