Friday, July 20, 2007

Cucumber Shot Glasses?

Cucumbers are being served up many ways here in Mexico. I have discovered a bottled water sold here called Bensenze which is flavored with lime & cucumber. Strange as it may sound it is good! I can also now find Method brand soaps & cleaning products here that are cucumber scented. (I'm always thankful for one more touch of home!)

Not only are Pepinos plentiful but the excessive amount grown here makes for creative presentations with them in food as well. We had cucumbers carved into Tequila shot glasses at a birthday party not too long ago. The cucumber cups are hollowed out & served with tequila in them & a little salt on the edge.

A favorite Torreon spot called Hello juice & salad bar made some wonderful Agua Frescas with Cucumber. We tried a new Cucumber Salad recently as a cool dinner addition after a hot & steamy day. Cucumbers have a way of adding a little shot of freshness to a hot summer day!

Cucumber Salad

1 Cucumber, peeled & sliced thin
1/2 of 1 Jalapeno, seeded & cut into small thin slices
4 Tbsp. Lime juice
2 Tbsp. Sugar
1/2 c. Cilantro, loosely packed & chopped

Prepare Cucumber, toss with dressing made of Lime juice & sugar. Add Pepper, Cilantro & chill 1 hour before serving. Very cool & fresh for summer!

Cucumber Drink
1 Cucumber
Juice of 1 lime
Sugar- 3 tsp
Water /Club Soda-either is good

To prepare:
Peel the skin and cut the cucumber into small pieces.Blend it together with lime juice ,water/club soda& sugar.Strain it and serve.


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