Thursday, May 31, 2007

South of the border stampede!

Even if the Bull Fights are synonymous with bovines in Mexico, the Cow Parade is here. There is no doubt that some people are just plain confused when they see the Cows for the first time. This woman obviously was, she kept looking & shaking her head!

Cow Parade which began in 1999 was started as a public art exhibit which makes art accessible to everyone. It is the considered the world's largest public art exhibit. Since Cow Parade is inspired by cultural aspects & artists interpretation the Cow Parade in Mexico has many centuries of both art & history to draw on. In Mexico City one artist even painted a Frida Cow as an homage to famed Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo. The Torreon cows are certainly eye catching in the downtown area near the Museum. But my favorite by far is one of the privately owned Cows is near my husband's office & he walks past it each day on his way into the office.
Most important, CowParade ultimately benefits charity. To learn more about the Cow Parade go to:

The Privately owned Cow: La via del Primer Picad, in front of Tyson de Mexico offices.
Cow Parade in Mexico: A Moo~y Bueno Experience!

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Lauren said...

i want a cow parade cow in my yard! the dogs would definitely stare at that!