Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flower Markets in Mexico

Blanco Street in Torreon, Street of many flowers.

The floral market in Torreon is a total assault of the senses. It's an area which is something akin to a flea market & shady place you wouldn't want to be after dark.... Blanca Street is packed with flower vendors & small shops that make floral arrangements to order. The prices for fresh flowers & arrangements is incredibly inexpensive. The combination of low prices with many vendors in a small area make the vendors very pushy & ready to pitch their wares at each curious shopper. We bought some large arrangements that would have been 4 to 5 times the price at home & only cost $250.00 pesos. As we peeked into the back room of the Lupita Floreria shop one of the men making up the arrangements kept saying "beautiful" in English, apparently one of the few english words he knew. Some of the arrangements were 3 ft across at the center & filled with roses & lilies & birds of paradise; still the same cheap prices! Glad we visited early in the morning as the selection is best & the flowers haven't wilted from the mid day heat. Flower markets in Mexico don't have large walk in refrigerators for keeping the flowers fresh, the vendors use buckets of water to keep their blossoms fresh till all are sold for the day.


Lauren said...

really neat spread. i wish we had one close by! much more reasonable than my trips to the heb flower section.

Dee said...

Well, HEB you have to admit is alot closer:>)