Saturday, May 19, 2007

Viveros in Mexico

A visit to a Mexican nursery can be sensory overload!

The town of Lerdo was our destination this week as we took a trip to visit a few of the local nurseries. Lerdo has many nurseries that dot the little town & some are virtually hidden by the little allies & side streets of the small town. One of our favorite nurseries even has a water tank which is home to a family of turtles while the neighboring nursery has cages of birds. There seems to be something for everyone at the viveros in Lerdo! Mexicans love plants, which have figured heavily in artwork & has been recorded in 16th century history books. The Spanish arrived in Mexico & were overwhelmed by the site of the gardens in Texcoco & in the Cuitláhuac Palace. These gardens have all but disappeared but the diverse climate & geographic position of Mexico makes it an extraordinary place to find spectacular & enormous variety of plants. I have seen the smallest, most impoverished looking little adobe house on the side of the highway in the desert with plants flourishing which seem to give life to the often dismal surroundings.

Carolyn was looking for little splashes of color for her Jardin & found many options at the nurseries we visited.

A small cactus was my big plant purchase for the day. Easy to transport during our upcoming move...

All good shopping expeditions need refreshments afterwards to refuel & relax. Our friend Joan met us at Moma Yoya's in Torreon for Gorditas.