Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 things I have never blogged about me!

Well, actually there is alot I have never blogged about me since this blog is more about Mexico & Texas but none of us are an open book...

1. I hate the noise made when people rub on balloons & make that awful squeaky noise! Darn, that makes my teeth hurt! Nails on a chalkboard~doesn't phase me one little bit. Balloon noise...I have a meltdown!
2. My first job ever for a very short time was in a Popeye's Fried Chicken~ utter irony for a current Tyson: "Pollo Chica"! Popeye's had a really aweful uniforms then & this chica had to wear too!!!
3. With generations of men ahead of me on my Dad's side of the family I should have had a Roman number V (5) after my name. Somehow my Dad never seemed disappointed at not having sons.

4. My sister & I fancied ourselves detectives at some point in our youth! One summer we read every Nancy Drew book in print. Many mysteries were solved by the Decker sisters. What grand dreams we had back in the day! *At this point in our lives with 6 kids between us, I think the mysteries have been solved. Where has the time gone, Sister?
5. I was a terrible student of the Spanish language throughout school~where did that get me?? Ah yes, right here in Mexico speaking my Tex-Mex!


ClaudiaH said...

Interesting choice of 5 "things." A young lady where I work is at TX State and having trouble with required Spanish. She was thinking of doing an immersion program - I shall tell her it worked for you!

Lauren said...

you look so stern in your photo! i also wouldn't have posted the balloon rubbing comment, now if you ever get tortured, they know the most effective route to make you crack!

Dee said...

Claudiah, wish I could say it worked for me...sadly I rely on my Spanglish way too much. But, immersion does work.