Monday, May 7, 2007

Mercado Bags

There are bags & there are bags!

There is one bag that's a must have for successful shopping in a Mexican Mercado!

At Mercado Juarez there is one bag that is "de rigeur". If you are loco enough to try & carry a load of pottery or a heavy basalt Molcajete through a Mercado without a bag you could end up paying someone to carry your items or worse yet, something could be dropped & broken! The colorful bolsas are under 20 to 30 pesos & are great for hauling more than Mercado finds around in.
My top 5 for Mercado shopping trips:

1. My Momma didn't raise a fool when it came to Mexican Mercados on the Texas/Mexico Border!
2. Money in a Mercado has a universal language all its own!
3. I won't haggle with someone if they are obviously solo & not making much in the transaction. If some shop keeper has 3 strapping young fellows working his spaces for him then he can afford to bargain & wouldn't expect any less!
4. I leave the silly tourista chachkis or nic-naks for some other gringo! Besides, not one person I know will beg for a mug shaped like a body part! I stay focused!
5. And finally: If you don't see it today~it just might be there tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day in a Mexican Mercado. Have faith!

Every women knows there are bags & then there are bags!

This site has bags you can purchase to help disadvantaged communities around the world! check it out:
**Finally: if more people used bags like these & recycled we would see fewer plastic trash & grocery bags hanging on cactus & brush out in the deserts of Mexico! A nice thought anyway!


Lauren said...

Now that is my kind of blog!

Dee said...

Fancy that! I put bags & purses in a blog & it's your kind of blog!