Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cola de Caballo~Santiago, Nuevo Leon

Somethings don't require many words.

Traveling to Monterrey again for the weekend we explored south of Monterrey & visited Cola de Caballo. Just to the south Monterrey on a 2-lane highway that winds through small villages and low hills, we stayed at Hacienda Cola de Caballo. The nearby waterfall gets its name from the resemblance the tail of a horse. The falls are formed by a river that flows out of the Sierra Madre Oriental, forming a spectacular curtain of water. The area is part of a large ecosystem that is protected by the state. From our room not only were the views wonderful but we could relax to the sounds of thousands of birds. The hotel is set above the heavily forested canyons, cascades & winding trails that are part of the Cumbres National Park System.

Natural Wonders in Mexico!

View of the falls~quite a splash...

Hacienda Cola de Caballo, high altitude beauty & beautiful sunrises.

Mountain Hotel with a Latin flare!


carlacares said...

Hey, John is actually almost smiling.
Looks like a beautiful spot. You must be excited to make the move.

Dee said...

Yep, he is smiling:) I think it will be a positive direction! It is very green & pretty there.

Lauren said...

You both look so happy! I can't wait to come to Monterrey and visit those falls.

ClaudiaH said...

That's my kind of place! What a fun area to explore! The move to Monterrey does seem a lucky one.