Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hard workers take a day of rest~Dia del Trabajo!

This week past was Dia del Trabajo in Mexico. It is a national holiday as our own Labor Day in the United States. Not unlike the United States; Mexico historically traces roots back to civil unrest & repression. Día del Trabajo (Labor Day) commemorates the Mexican workers on May 1 ~ specifically, labor unrest and repression that followed in Sonora & Veracruz in 1906 & 1907. With all of the political upheavals & revolutionary battles Mexico went through in the 1900's it was years before workers actually had any rights or any say in their destiny. Daily I see some of the hardest working people I have seen anywhere. With the "Estados Unidos" being the land of opportunity & people able to make their dreams come true it makes a difference having more avenues of help or ability to grow business into larger enterprises. While our system to the north isn't perfect it seems like the little people are given a leg to stand on, ability to strike out & reach for the stars! Mexico has been slower giving people tax breaks, government assistance, etc. People here often have to just do it on their own with out any expectations for help. Small business people & vendors seem to be solo. If there is a concept for a small business of some sort I cannot believe that people south of the border haven't thought of it. The downtown areas & Mercados are a beehive of activity from dawn till sundown. There is an intersection on the way to Tyson in Gomes Palacio where a man squeezes fresh juice & then has a person sell the fresh juice cups car to car at the traffic light. If you need your car washed there is someone who will wash it while you shop at the mall, the grocery store, etc. There are people who will pick up/deliver things with a horse drawn cart. There is even a man who travels around town with cages of birds stacked higher than his head; selling birds door to door. Some of these things for a gringo are amazing sites to see. It seems to be where there is a will ~ they will find a way in Mexico! From the person grinding corn into tortillas to the man who owns a horse or donkey, they will work hard before rest comes at the end of the day. Still, when there is a holiday of any sort...I think of being home in Texas!!! Labor Day at home means cooking out & getting together with family & friends. I guess not so different from Mexico after all.


Lauren said...

The difference here is that labor day in the States is about big shopping and it's a bit more commerical now. But I tend to agree...still, not so different.

Dee said...

Yes, it used to be the last big hurrah before school began...back when I was younger~when as Dad says: "dirt was new"!