Thursday, May 24, 2007

Festival de las Artes Coahuila

This week kicked off the Festival de las Artes Coahuila in one of the local parks in Torreon. We took an excursion to check things out & saw some interesting sights as well as picked up a few Mexican Artesanos items. One of the Pollo Chicas is returning to the states soon & was gathering things for her trip home. I found an awesome little hand beaded key chain with a rooster on it. While in the Parque Alameda one does not want to venture a trip to the bathroom. Don't ask why but it involves paying a few pesos for the privilege as well stepping over a dog, being handed a few squares of t.p. & for lack of better words & more colorful language~primitive bathroom conditions!!

A couple of Pollo Chicas

Questionable Bathroom's never good to look closely, especially when you are being rationed the t.p. & there seems to be a canine assistant for the attendant!

Muy Linda, perfect for Pollo Chicas to keep the keys on!


Lauren said...

i can't believe you bought a beaded rooster! i also think that while it may be primitive, the bathroom looked very artsy.

Dee said...

The "primitive" factor was totaly in play in that WC!! Beaded rooster: Priceless:)