Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Searching for direction in Torreon~

This afternoon a few Chicas & I went in search of our local Pewter Lady! While we have been many times to visit her establishment it is in an older part of town which has many twists & turns. The tip off for us all should have been that we started our journey on Calzada Colon near the statue of Cervantes's Don Quixote..... Don Quixote’s imagination was distorted causing him to see things that weren't there. Our imagination wasn't distorted but the streets certainly seemed to get a bit tangled. We finally arrived after our fearless pilot Joan of Arc Fons pressed onward. Like Quixote she kept driving in spite of her helpers poor map reading skills & bad sense of direction. The problem in the older areas of Torreon is that many of the street signs get moved or "misplaced". Along with twisting streets & bad parking, negotiating the small streets can be in the very least wild & hairy!! Oh well! Fun times, Chicas:) Never a dull moment~Shopping in Torreon, a few pesos. Spending time with friends, Priceless!


Lauren said...

I'm mucho impressed that you made it, even if the navigtional skills were lacking...mainly because I've gotten lost in Torreon with Daddy.

Dee said...

It always helps if you have been there before~ but we kept not finding street signs when we were searching for our street!

Jessie J. said...

I was looking for pictures of Don Quixote statues, and I came upon your Blog. My mother is originally from Torreon, MX and when I was a kid we used to always go back there at least once a year to visit family. It's been just over 4 years since I've been back there (19 years before that) and am so looking forward to returning soon. I was hoping to not only show my wife a pic of the statue, but maybe get a glimpse of my family's house as well. A pic in your 2007 Blog did just that!! My family lives in the Orange-ish house in the Background!! The Pic Made My Day!! Thanks!!