Tuesday, September 25, 2007

¡es las pequeñas cosas!

The New York Times in Mexico~Got to love it!!

Sometimes it is the little things we are so very thankful for here. I was thrilled to find a copy of The New York Times here on a news stand at our new HEB grocery store. I can almost feel connected with an actual newspaper on the day it was issued, in English no less! I say "Amen", to the powers that be~New York Times & greater. It's something I used to take as every day & common. Between that & Starbucks life is looking up! Yep, when you pick up that morning paper & have your cup of coffee think of the Ex Patriots around the world who take such joy in those little things!
the Arts section: A photo of Wayne Newton in the ABC fall lineup on "Dancing with the Stars", inspirational~God Bless America!! Oh, yes & the Cowboys did beat the Bears on Sunday!! 34-10, Page D6 Sports Section! Woohoo for America's Team!!! Those little pieces of "Americana"...


Lauren said...

I can't believe the NYT (a paper I hold in very high esteem) had Wayne Newton anywhere on it!

Dee said...

He is both news & pop culture as well as a Las Vegas Icon!!!