Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monterrey says "Goodbye Frida!"

We went to Barrio Antiguo today & as it is near the Macro or Monterrey Metropolitan Museum we had to wade through heavy crowds to get near the Barrio Antiguo district. We had read this morning that 100,000 persons have viewed the Frida Exhibition during the month long visit in Monterrey. I seriously doubt anyone was prepared for the crowds that seemed to flock to the Macro by mid day to pay their last respects. We saw helicopters in the air & police on motor cycles trying to direct the crowds. What a tribute to the exhibit! Bravo, Frida!

A century after her birth Frida still knows how to draw a crowd. One of the strongest, if not the singular Mexican female Art figure of the 20th century. Eternally Frida!

Wonder if I will continue to see these interesting little Frida Dolls in Barrio Antiguo?


tilegirl said...

As that guy on Saturday Night Live
said "Unbelievable!

As I have often said " I love you Frida!"

As I have said even more: "I love Dee"

Dee said...

¡Cómo es dulce, mi amigo! Amarte también.