Thursday, September 6, 2007

Parisina~sounds a little like Paris!

Ah, the Fall Season in in the Air, here & just have to look a little harder here in Mexico! I even saw my first Pan de Muerto of the season! While Torreon isn't the Mecca for shopping, you can find many things you wouldn't find anywhere else. Mexico has a chain of Fabric stores called Telas Parisinas. Sounds like the word for Parisians with a Spanish accent.

While Carolyn & I were shopping in downtown Torreon I found some wonderful fabric for Dia de la Muerte. The colorful fabrics featured dancing skeletons & marigold flowers. One I found for making dinner napkins featured small skulls & flowers on a pink background. Muy linda in a very Mexican way! Buying fabric in the stores down here is a real event! We first located the fabrics we wanted, found someone to measure & cut the fabric selections, arrived at the Caja to pay for the fabrics, then we had to locate the next Caja where the purchases were kept till we exited the store. The size & scale of the fabric stores down here are generally 3 to 4 times larger than the fabric stores in the states. More people sew in Latin America or have seamstresses sew for them. Once the customer selects the fabric then it isn't seen again till one leaves with the package in hand. I am sure this way desperate souls such as ourselves won't walk out with bolts of fabrics stuffed in their purses...Of course many of those bolts are over 5 feet high. The whole process requires a tremendous amount of walking & explaining for most Americans not versed in the whole procedure. The store: a riot of color & a beehive of activity. Like many other things down South of the Border~

Fabrics fit for Halloween or those little trick or treaters screaming "Mordida, Halloween"....Dia de la Muertos, got to love it!


Lauren said...

I continue to marvel at the whole dia de los muertos thing, dancing skulls, fabric and candy and such? I am a big fan of Halloween but this is just very different to me.

Dee said...

It is kind of strange, but they don't view it as scary. It is like mixing All Saints Day & Halloween.