Sunday, September 23, 2007

?And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

We were having a relaxing brunch at poolside this morning when we were joined by a not so welcomed visitor! The Mexican Black King snake or Lampropeltis getula nigrita thought it was quite appropriate to drop in for a quick Sunday morning visit. Needless to say, breakfast was over pretty quickly at the Casa Kincke! The Mexican Black King snake is called the Poor Man's Indigo snake, since the Texas Indigo were managed by the King Ranch in South Texas to control the Rattle snake population. If that is this fellow's job, then so be it!

For more on the Texas Indigo; which this guy owes his life to at our house, check out the King Ranch site: Otherwise if this guy had fallen into the category of water moccasin & or been in the pool it would have been Adios! at the end of a shovel.


Lauren said...

Grosssss me out! I guess I'm not as good as you are about these thing, anything slithery, snakey is going to meet with the closest snake-killing object I can grab, "safe" or not!

Dee said...

You know me & snakes!!! Unless he gets in my way or causes problems then I am leaving him be! He hates Rattles Snakes & I totally okay with that!