Saturday, September 1, 2007

Frida, Frida, Frida

The woman who painted her own reality.

Frida-Mania has hit Monterrey!
As part of the 2007 Forum; the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, the Macro is host to an incredible collection of Frida Kahlo paintings, studies & letters.
Most striking in the exhibit was how small, compact & personal her most vivid portraits were that dealt with the conditions which physically affected her life & made her the artist she was.
The most emotionally moving was her incredibly personal "A Few Small Nips", it was Oil on metal & barely 15 x 19 inches.
While I enjoyed seeing "The Two Fridas" in person, my favorite had to be her "Borderline between Mexico & the United States". She painted this after traveling with Diego Rivera to the US & spending 4 years while he painted murals he was commissioned for. I am sure in those days having Mexican fare or any sense of her homeland was not the same as it is in 2007! She was very lonely for all that was Mexico. I can understand her in the reverse sense of that painting. The piece is also remarkable as she used collage techniques to lay in several images along the bottom of her painting.

Frida died at 47, yet left an incredible mark on the world. Frida both artist & icon is stronger than ever & continues to leave scholars & artists talking about her 100 years after her birth.


Lauren said...

I can't wait to come down there and see this exhibit!

Dee said...

It is wonderful! I can't wait.