Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh, the places she'll go!!!

Diez y Sies~National Holiday=Lauren's Birthday!!!!

Visits to Obispado & Chipinque seemed in order! Beautiful places for a beautiful daughter! Dad is having a hard time thinking about a little girl all grown up, the 25 year old daughter~how time flies, sweetheart!

Lauren is here for a quick visit for her 25th Birthday! Is that Monterrey's famous Cero de la Cilla behind your head?? Viva la Lauren!!


tilegirl said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! I was thinking about the time when you first moved here and you agreed to babysit our kids...but it was your birthday! You did it anyway! I am still grateful :)
Nice to see a beautiful smile on YOUR face...but geez...what about your dad? Have you ever seen him smile????

Dee said...

Well, that is my daughter all over!! She was always doing for others:>) Dad can never quite figure out when I need him to smile! He actually does smile but not when the darned camera is on him!