Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pot of Iced Tea & Hot dogs on Pizza!

Dining experiences abroad are what makes life a little more interesting. Northern Mexico is full of many great & surprising flavors but there some which defy explanation. We recently stayed at a hotel & ordered a Pepperoni Pizza along with iced tea. The iced tea arrived in a tea pot, normally when we order té helado, we are greeted with a glass of iced tea as we would in the states. (to each his own, the tea was cold & had to be sipped out of a small tea cup~) I somehow though Pepperoni was known the world over, after all it was on our dinner menu. However when the Pizza arrived we were quite shocked to see un-cooked hot dogs cut up on the top of a dough that was barely cooked & layered with an assortment of crunchy veggies. Surprised?? Yes, happy with our choice? Not!!! Destined to repeat this dinner choice again? The Chef getting a recommendation to be on "Top Chef" reality show from us? I think not! The look on my husband's face when he saw hot dogs? Priceless!!!! Living & learning down somewhere south of the border~

A not very good Pizza~although you have to smile at the odd choice of pepperoni substitution! Somewhere in Little Italy there is a pizza maker laughing!


Lauren said...

That has to be the most disgusting pizza I've ever seen! I think it may even outrank weiner gumbo as the worst use of hot dogs, not that there is a good use for a hot dog!

Dee said...

Weiner Gumbo=Red Lobster in LaFrontera at its finest!

carlacares said...

I have tried unsuccessfully to leave a comment other days about a couple of different items. So this will be combo. I am so glad that Lauren got to come and visit.
Looks like the fabric store would be a blast to visit. I am jealous of you all going to the Frida exhibit. I have really enjoyed documentaries, the movie and articles about her. YOU DIDN'T SAY WHAT YOU DID WITH THE RAWDOG PIZZA. I am dying to find out.
Finally I would love to see what the inside of these building look like. In some countries you can be taxed based on improvements to the exterior of a building.

Dee said...

you have been sucessful with comments a few times before. Well the RawDog Pizza was sent back & removed from our bill. It was Nasty!! Yes, good visit with LK. Fabric stores are a true adventure here.