Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shout Out to the Lady with the Talent!

Never know where I'll find my dear friend & neighbor the ever talented Nancy Durant but she took time out of her schedule one evening & re-crafted my blog giving me a wonderful banner. She made it look too easy & all I did was watch. Thanks again, Nancy!

You go girls! Keep that tiger on his toes this year!


Nancy said...

Aw, shucks!
It was my pleasure to help with your banner, but it was really a pleasure to see you!
Miss you already!

Dee said...

Me too, sniff, sniff!

ClaudiaH said...

Attractive new banner! What's a rosticeria?

Dee said...

Rosticeria is the word used for roaster, the photo was of a Chicken shop which roasted chickens. Yes, Nancy did a wonderful job making my photos all mesh together to give all the Mexico immages a wonderful punch.