Sunday, August 5, 2007

Blame it on the rain!

We traveled back to Torreon this past week. You can say alot of things about the Coahuila region of Mexico however "wow, you should have seen the rain" is generally not what people say! For the second time in a month we were inundated by rain in Coahuila. We experienced heavy rain on our last day in Torreon & then traveling through Saltillo once again we were astounded by the rain & even hail!! We drove through a large dust storm in the desert near Parras & later in our journey we had to pull over to the roadside in the mountains outside Saltillo to wait out the storm. The Cuota Road we traveled had been heavy with 18 Wheelers & cars but it cleared pretty quickly once the storms hit. We were amazed as we waited during the storm to see one lone, crazy driver with Mexican plates fly past us traveling about 120km in the driving rain & hail to some unknown destination! There is one in every crowd...Or could be the heavy rains make people a little crazy? Hmm, what am I thinking? This is Mexico!!

Mexican Monsoons?? Not sure but I am thinking this is more than the average 16 inches of yearly rainfall!

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Lauren said...

Apparently there was an Austin monsoon season this year - so why not a Torreon monsoon?