Monday, August 27, 2007

Coach is for the dogs. Some dogs have all the luck!

If people like Coach then why not do the same for your pets?

Jack the dog graduated to a big boy collar finally!! He has been trying really hard to get over his puppy ways...still some developing to do in that area. He has had the same little blue nylon type collar since he was a few months old. His old Valhoma collar grew & grew with him until there was no more room for his lengthy neck.
So, long story short: he is finally trusted to wear a "big dog" Coach collar just like his Doggie Mom~ Molly! I am sure now he will walk with pride through Oakbluff on his evening jaunts with Molly & Lauren. Jack does after all have a sense of fashion & is quite style worthy these days. I think it was a good purchase at that RRNN silent auction!
I think most would agree he really looks so handsome in his new red collar. Going to far for a pet~I think not.
"Good Boy, Jack, Good Boy!"


Lauren said...

my babies look so pretty in their expensive neck-wear! what's that phrase that l'oreal uses...."I'm worth it," that's what jack and molly are saying.

Dee said...

Yes, well they had better take care of their collars, no tug of war!!!