Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now that's what I call work!! Parent's Day~Delta Zeta House

DZ House in San Marcos. Beautiful house, pretty/perky Texas girls & in a wonderful town.

DZ, Turtles, Pink & Green Accents!

Whoa! That basement is overloaded with DZ memorabilia~yep, there are a few basements in Texas!

"Youngest Daughter's Go Greek~German Auto!"

"Youngest daughter" moved into her apartment down near campus ~ busy week. Saturday morning was equally busy as it was parent work day at the sorority house. The old turn of the century sorority home took on a new look as all of the parents worked to give the DZ house a fresh face for the upcoming Rush week. At times in the humidity & heat our frenzied work seemed more like a Reality TV makeover show. By late afternoon the house looked great & just in time for the parents to see a preview of the girls Rush week skits. Loved the Spice Girl's ala DZ. Going Greek looked pretty good!

The DZ girls will certainly make an impression during Rush Week.

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Lauren said...

and you wonder why i wasn't so inclined to go -- extra work!