Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great finds to take back South of You Know Where!

Santoku knives, Boots No. 7 Skin Care products & Greek Seasoning. What do these products have in common?? I can't find them in Mexico! **Oh, an absolutely fun find are the Jumbo Chipboard Letters that I happened to locate when we were finishing the Delta Zeta cork board. They will be a great addition to many more projects for the youngest daughter at college. They are after all in the prerequisite Pink & Green DZ colors.

Globalization means many products from various companies around the world are offered many places....but then again, you haven't lived in Mexico. Not to say many companies don't have market presence here in 2007 as opposed to say, 20 years ago. But all in all, they have a long way to go for most Americans living abroad. (Gee, I suppose that sounds spoiled!!!!) Arriving home in Texas generally means we stock up & assess our needs for items we are either out of or can't find. I was pleased to make a few new finds & pick up a few old favorites while we were home. Greek Seasoning: I made up my own but it wasn't quite the same.
*Of note: I didn't fly back on a plane with a Santoku knife~we drove across the border. Don't want an international incident over a kitchen knife.

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Lauren said...

Maybe one of my favorite blogs yet...ode to a kitchen knife! Not just any knife either, but my favorite kitchen knife! Yes, I am a very strange child....after all, I asked for a mezzaluna for my birthday, didn't I?