Friday, August 17, 2007

San Antonio~rain & more rain! Soggy visit in Texas.

Ultra Soggy day in San Antonio.
Tropical Storm Erin was no lady when it drove north into Texas yesterday from the Gulf of Mexico. We traveled to San Antonio for a quick visit with my Mom & Nana. Soaking, blinding, driving, flooding rains just about swamped the Western half of Bexar County by early afternoon. My mother took about 5 hours to arrive back at her home in Uvalde County. We were fine driving back to Austin once we were north of New Braunfels. Crazy, crazy weather; it is feast or famine with the moisture in this state. Texas can be in a hard drought cycle & be hit by the 100 year flood at any given time or so it would seem this year! As evidence we watched people being plucked from cars & trees on CNN last night. Poor San Antonians, what a day!

Before we could leave town completely....
*As we were driving in heavy rain on loop 410 I heard the warning bell for the gas tank sound so I searched for a gas station that wasn't near a flooded exit ramp. Mind you, by this time we were listening to local radio & knew this flooding was a dangerous situation & we needed to be alert & have a full tank of gas. Finally we spotted one, thank goodness for Chevron! When I was trying to get gas & having trouble.... the station attendant told me that the satellite was out because of the storm system. Hmmm, I wasn't aware that that was an issue with service stations now~but I guess it is. (guess I have been in Mexico too long! Technology is passing me up) I had to get cash to pay for my gas while the electricity was still on so I could get the heck out of Dodge!


Lauren said...

talk about a scary ride - as the passenger it was pretty frightening, afraid that we'd float away!

Dee said...

Me too!!