Sunday, August 5, 2007

Now that is some Clamato!!

A new twist on something very familiar & for those who know me & anything related to Beer (the sour face!!) ~surprise, this is pretty good. It could be the Clamato...

Michelada~"Chilada" Clamato!
1) Shake Clamato (easy step but mucho important!)
2) Dip rim of Glass into salt as you would for Margarita
3) Pour Clamato into Pilsner glass or oversized beer mug
3) Pour beer generously down the inside of the glass until full*
4) Be careful of foaming head. Add celery salt, Tabasco sauce, and/or Worcestershire sauce for flavoring.
*Should be a good Mexican beer since this is a very Mexican recipe, Shiner Bock might be acceptable too!!

Sure, this sounds like a White Trash Bloody Mary but very tasty on a hot day North or South of the Border & all that tomato juice can't be a bad thing!!

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Lauren said...

I will once more repeat the refrain - beer belongs only with should not mix with anything resembling veggies!