Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jaimes Spanish Village~wonderful Tex-Mex!

Jaime's a great place to meet, eat & relax with the Jaime's special Margarita~mmmmm! While my own Compuesta recipe is not Jaime's own recipe, it'll do South of the Border. Compuesta=Queso+Guacamole!! Don't knock it if you haven't yet tried it.

Some places have memories connected that defy words. Jaime's~an Austin Texas institution since 1937. Good Tex-Mex, Great company & awesome frozen Margarita with just the perfect combo of Sangria swirled in...ah! And if we are with good friends, then all the better!

Mother & daughter at the end of "move-in" day for college, still all smiles!

Chile Con Queso Compuesto

Basic Texas Chile con Queso
Easiest recipe in the Lone Star State. If you've got a microwave or double boiler you can make this for a few or a crowd. You’ll need one can of Rotel Tomatoes and a pound of Velveeta. (Save liquid but drain Rotels, if the Queso needs to be thinned out later) to get the consistency you like. Chunk the Velveeta, pour in the rotel & micro til everything is melted. *I use my own salsa but use what you like best!

Guacamole~ the green half of the Compuesta
2 avacados
a scant 1/4 c of YOUR favorite salsa
1/2 clove of FRESH garlic, smashed, minced & diced
* salt to taste
Smash everything together with a fork to the consistency you like.

Spread the Guacamole in the bottom of a medium sized bowl, spoon about 1 cup Queso over the top. Serve steaming hot surrounded with chips with the Compuesto & enjoy an awesome frozen Margarita. Buen Provecho!!!

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