Friday, February 29, 2008

Sharing & Dining~Friends & Great Company!

Constant travel & being on the road does have a silver lining. Trying new things & dining in memorable South of the Border spots is indeed a perk. This week the chicas & I went to the wonderful hot pink "Fonda del Recuerdo" restaurant near Torreon's Parque Alameda where there were not only great regional dishes from Mexico but also a little light shopping in the tienda del Recuerdo. By weeks end we dined with friends & American visitors at Garufa's Argentinian restaurant. Life does move at a slower beat in Mexico but the tempo kicks up a notch both after nightfall & in the kitchen.

No one bought the "thinking dog"...not the real name of course but Joan did strike a pose which made us chuckle! When it is an average day South of the Border we just manage to have great fun anyway!

Casa especial de cerdo guisado y flautas en la sopa!


Lauren said...

i'm not seeing the dog as a "thinking" dog so much as a chin scratching dog :)

Dee said...

I think it was scratching but looking "thinking & thoughtful!"