Friday, February 29, 2008

Antiques & street eats South of the Border!

When visiting Torreon I never know what's next on the agenda. This week it was Antiques & dining in fun spots around town. A trip to the local antiques shops in Torreon scored an old book of Texas History~who would have guessed?

Who knew eating in front of a soccer stadium in Coahuila could be fun? Guess it's the company! Our tacos were never fresher & the company couldn't have been better! Coke seemed to be the drink of the day. We dined in the shadow of the Coke bottling company. Who needs a jolt of java when the Coke is so muy fresca?


Lauren said...

mmm...those are really tasty looking tacos. i wish i could have those here in the rr.

Dee said...

I know they couldn't be much different from any you could find there. The dining location would certainly be different~but similar flavors:)