Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daybreak to Sunset, it's always something...

Where are you when we need a weather forcast Fred Cantu?

Dawn's early light led me to believe it would be an uneventful day~

The sunrise this morning over the mountains was really spectacular. I was somehow expecting perfection the rest of the day. The morning was uneventful, I went into town & then had a call from a friend who had to fire someone her family trusted. Never a good feeling to have when you are living in a foreign country. I went to her home for a while, dropped by the store & then headed back to the house to catch up & get some things done. By late afternoon the wind had shifted from the north & started to smell sort of smoky. It seems like someone is always setting fire to something around here, so I paid no attention. When John arrived home & he & I noticed it was extremely smoky. By about 5:30 or 6pm the late day sun is generally making an appearance beside the mountains, putting on quite a show. This evening however; the sun was completely obscured by smoke that seemed to fill the air the stronger the northern winds blew. We ran around closing windows & turned on the local news in Monterrey for some information. We found out that while the fire is REALLY IMMENSE, it is north of Monterrey some distance & the winds are just fanning the fires causing concern here in Monterrey. The smoke reduced visibility & caused traffic problems on the Careterra Nacional which is the main North South highway here in Mexico. I can't imagine that people will let 0% visibility slow down highway speed much~
Watching the news this evening we were incrediblly surprised by what passes as the weather gal here in Mexico's 3rd largest Metropolitan. I can't really figure out what this lady had to say about the 5 day forecast but we were really entertained for a while. (surely she is reaching for the MTV crowd & male 40 somethings!) Seriously....who dresses like this in the states if they aren't going out to a club or 18 years old? Of course this is South of the Border~Viva la Mexico!!!!

I am sure there is more than news & weather going on here!!! She looks like a 2008 version of the coochie coochie girl! Gosh, where is my KEYE news when I need it? Yes, a plug for our Austin Texas accurate weather!


Lauren said...

geez that lady has some monstrous boobs!!! but i'm a channel 4 (kxan) devotee...they know the weather, minus the skin!

ClaudiaH said...

This Mexico place seems to fit some cliches. What comes to mind is "can't win for losing!"