Monday, February 25, 2008

Watching the Oscars in Latin America

My once a year Oscar night watching was disrupted by the lack of English language stations carrying the awards show this evening here South of the Border! In our Hotel last night SKY cable programing offered the Oscar show live on TNT only with Spanish voice over. I can understand the reason however all of the English language stations weren't offering the show either. (not tragic, just a bother!) Of course, the actual voices could be heard but the Spanish voice-over did overwhelm the presentors vocal attributes & words. Whatever! Such are the Academy Awards Show when watching from somewhere other than the US. ***My personal spin on the Academy Awards for this year: ...Mexico is "No country for Old Men", Old dogs, Old women, Old cars...... Just think of me living you know where once you cozy up with Times Warner Cable or Direct TV & enjoy something as simple as television without the writer's strike or an awards show. It's the simple things that are a joy! By the way the gowns this year were fabulous, speeches not too long & yes, John Travolta can still dance!

Fantastic fashions & wonderful red carpet interviews, 2 great reasons to watch the Oscars; even South of the Border!


ClaudiaH said...

Got it! Poor is nice to be able to just watch TV without all the extra hassle of a strange language. I thought Helen Mirren looked fantastic with her hair color and dress!

Lauren said...

how bad does it sound but i didn't even watch the oscars this year!