Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things just aren't ever that simple!

Preparing for our Spring Breakers to arrive here South of the Border~

We received a phone call last night @ 11pm to let us know that the springs have run dry in our colonia & we will have no water for a few days!!! The last word we heard this afternoon is that water tanker trucks will bring in water sometime soon & we will have restricted water service on Monday! The how, when & where concerns us but we can only wait & see what happens on Monday. The old "manana, si, manana" can be a shoulder shrug & kind of indifferent put off at times. South of the Border timing isn't quite what it's cracked up to's to hoping though! A toast with some bottled water~Salute! Right now that H2O may be as precious as fine wine:)


ClaudiaH said...

Oh, dear! I hope you stocked up on bottled water at Sam's! Good luck with this being over quickly. Happy spring break!

tilegirl said...

Well, remember, when it rains, it pours!
Hope you have a fun spring break, jk coming down?
I love the pictures in the post below, the pink house, the orange ceiling with banners. We should create another banner for your blog!

Lauren said...

You're going to have some stinky spring breakers if they can't fix the water!

mendytexas said...

OH my...I can't even imagine! It rains almost daily here. Hope the water comes back soon! :)mendy

Dee said...

Claudiah~we always have bottled water to drink & a cistern to use for household purposes but if this hadn't changed soon we would have been up a creek!
Tilegirl~Yes, it hasn't rained yet. We are just hoping, ha,ha! Those colors in that house & banners were awesome, good idea:)
Lauren~there is plenty of H2O in the pool!
Mendy~yes, we were having daily rains last summer but not much since then.