Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lucky me, I've had enough! I'll be smiling soon though:)

Okay, this isn't an entire post whining about me but I do want to update family & friends about a couple of items~

1) I've been out of sorts in recent months with the saga of endless tooth problems which all started over a innocent Spinach Salad. I had a small surgical procedure this week, pretty glad it's over & now my mouth is making a full recovery. The Mister will be a happy man if he doesn't have to sit in the dental surgical center holding my hand through anymore of those events!!! I have had relatively little pain, stitches are out as of today, so very soon chewing will be back to normal. That's why I am considering myself Lucky! The teeth in my mouth remain intact. Can I hear an Amen??

2) The last & very important issue is that I along with other bloggers have been hit with an evil Spammer lately. If you check or read the comments on my blog DO NOT, EVER click on some sort of link which tells you "here it is", "Look", "Check it out" or otherwise. It is a virus & you will have huge problems. I believe blogspot is aware of this issue & trying to resolve this. If you cannot read an entire comment, don't click anything though. Gracias & Buen dia! Your Texas to Mexico connection.


Lauren said...

Where did the "lucky seven" card come from? It seems it would be something a dentist would find tacky to pass out ;)

Dee said...

Actually, it is a piece of original artwork! I'm thinking it might be cute matted & framed:)

mendytexas said...

Gosh,I'm NO fan of the dentist!! Love that lucky 7! :)mendy