Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Break'n, relaxing & soaking up the sun!

We have water again with a chance of some rainshowers so bring on the visitors.

Sun & Fun shared between cousins. Familia visitantes en la casa.

Glad the Spring Breakers are here, they are relaxing, eating & catching some zzz's!


ClaudiaH said...

Wow - I saw an ad for something like this on the Am.Statesman jobs page recently. Is this real or did someone get on your blog with spam? I have done a couple of market research panels in downtown Austin for good pay.

Lauren said...

nice blog spam - and here i as just going to comment on something so mundane as to ask why there were no margaritas in the pool photos....but when you can make $900 extra a month i guess that's just more important :)