Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toro on the hillside! Frankly, that is no Bull!

My daughter urged me to take a photo of this "Bullboard" as we were driving back from Zacatecas. These huge signs are some of the few signs we see on the Mexican Cuota roads. The oversized bovine signs are part of a world wide hunger campaign where celebrities have painted copies of the "bullboards" & they are then auctioned off for to help fight against hunger.
Check out the website:

“Bullboards” – billboards in the shape of the famous Osborne Bull – can be found all over Spain & also throughout Mexico. My youngest daughter found these Bullboards all over Spain when she traveled there a couple of years ago.

Facts: Each bull weighs nearly 9,000 pounds. Its combined weight with 4 steel support turrets and a concrete base exceeds 60 tons.
“El toro” stands 46 feet high, or the height of a four-story building. It is no wonder that these Bullboards can be seen for miles on the roadsides in Mexico & Spain.
Each bull is comprised of 70 individual pieces of sheet metal, which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
At least 20 gallons of black paint are required to cover the bull.
It takes 1000 bolts to hold each bull together.
I am sure in Mexico it must be a monumental task to erect these Bullboards since they are generally out in the middle of no where or on top of some remote hillside.


tilegirl said...

That is a lot of bull!

Lauren said...

you forgot to mention that your FAVORITE daughter requested this picture!

Dee said...

Well, I have 2 favorites, 3 including Molly!!!