Thursday, April 12, 2007

City of Gardens & Churches

San Luis Potosi was named after the French King Louis, originally San Luis, then the name Potosí was added (after the fabulously rich mines in Bolivia) in the expectation of rivaling the original. The coat of arms has the french king as well as the gold & silver which gave the region vast wealth. The churches in San Luis Potosi reflect the wealth from Spanish colonial period.

Each church seemed to be more beautiful than the one we had just seen. We were curious though about the Crystal Barquitos (boats) hanging from the ceiling of several churches we toured. There is one clearly in the photo of the dome in the Minor Basilica of the Virgen of Guadalupe. They were absolutely beautiful.

With all of the vendors & event tents near the churches & municipal buildings I had to resort to taking several up shots, towers & architectural features!

Nicknamed "The City of Gardens," San Luis Potosi has at least one garden in each of its seven original districts. San Luis Potosí is also known for its churches. Each of the seven districts has its own major church. Each is a relatively different style. This is because the city served as a regional capital during Northern expansion and was occupied by many different Christian groups. At one time San Luis Potosi was the capital of Northern New Spain, encompassing what was later Texas.


Lauren said...

Jenn had a funny comment for me..she asked why there are so many churches in Mexico per city when they are all Catholic!

Dee said...

Simple really...lots of families & lots of kids....