Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Can't find the old blog posts!!! Hmmm!

Texan needs Technical assistance in Mexico!

Just a quick note to say I am feeling a little fried & slightly anxious here in Mexico since I can't find a way of recovering my previous posts!!! If anyone has a solution please help!!! This Texan in Mexico is feeling kind of like the dia de los muertos Frida figure! Send help fast!

Okay here is the temporary solution!
Trudy’s Mexican Martini:

2 shots tequila

1 shot sweet & sour

1 ¾ shot orange juice

1 good squeeze lime juice

green olives

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well pour in a martini glass with some olives. Garnish with some more olives on a small skewer or toothpick.
South of the Border Tech help needed!


Vicki J said...

Great picture Dee (the one of you, not Freda...LOL). Seen as how I don't even know what your asking, I doubt you want any help from me! Hopefully some can help you.
Take care,

Dee said...

I am expecting my tech support girl who is arriving tomorrow evening from Austin to get on the problem & tell me what I did...well, let's face it~we all know it was what I did!!!!