Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monterrey Mexico, high speed, over whelming & beautiful!

The Hotel Safi Lobby

Visiting Monterrey Mexico this past week I was shocked by the growth that has hit the city since we last spent much time there in the 1980's. Monterrey now has more than 3 million people & after seeing the traffic I believe they are all behind the wheel of a vehicle!!! The usual frenetic Mexican energy & speed seems to be the rule of thumb on the roadways there. We were impressed by the lush vegetation & overall beautification that has occurred since the 80's as well. Economic boom has totally translated in the housing starts & overall prices. We saw an area that compares to Rodeo Drive in California there with a freestanding Tiffany's, Gucci & Louis Vuitton store. Times have changed for sure in the industrial capitol of Northern Mexico. Monterrey is now the 3rd largest city in the country but the most expensive to live in. I captured a quick photo of the Santa Caterina Bridge or "Puente de la Unidad" which is an incredible combination of Steel, cantilevered concrete & cables. It is very sculptural in appearance in the city landscape.

This statue in San Pedro, Monterrey is called "God Mother" or Madre de dios, I saw her in front of an office building we were touring in Monterrey. Tucked in among the public gardens & the large number of historic buildings throughout the city there are many statues but this particular piece is held in high regard by the locals and apparently much loved. Her face has great character & strength, which I am sure is part of the charm.

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Lauren said...

Very pretty, I can't wait to visit you in Monterrey.