Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday night Fiesta in Las Isabeles

Sometimes it takes the right touch to bring down a "Lurching" Pinata!!!
Utube Video link in box below. Click on the X to see Pinata Power!!

Cupleanos Rodolfo!!!

A Pinata handler is needed for correct Pinata positions!

Some of the singing required a little crowd participation!

Stranger yet is the euphoria that comes over a crowd of adults when a Life Size Pinata is brought out at a party. Probably memories from childhood & the burst of endorphins that one gets to release when beating the heck out of a paper mache' figurine come into play!

Everyone got into the act!

The party for Rodolfo Duran on Saturday night started off with in a big way when the Mega Party company arrived with the Jukebox/Karaoke machine! The strangest things can happen when you put a microphone in someones hand!!
And Nacho was the youngest & cutest party guest of the night!


tilegirl said...

WOW! Finally a picture of John smiling! All it takes is a Mexican blow up doll that everyone can hit with a stick and he is all grins!

Dee said...

Well, he smiles many times but not for the darned camera! Wasn't that a curvy Pinata??

Lauren said...

wow, it was quite the party! it looks like everyone had a good time...even the smallest of visitors!

Dee said...

Yes, I agree! He was really adorable!